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Nota Lepidopterologica is the peer-reviewed journal of the Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica (SEL) published by Pensoft. The journal was founded in 1977 and publishes original research papers on taxonomy, morphology/anatomy, phylogenetics, biogeography, ecology, behaviour, conservation, and natural history of Lepidoptera, but also on any other aspects of lepidopterology. The journal is devoted mostly but not exclusively to Palaearctic Lepidoptera. Comprehensive studies in any of the above-mentioned areas are given preference over studies with a very limited scope. However, we also invite short contributions on important topics, such as invasive taxa, new records for large geographical areas, and other similar aspects. All papers are published in English. All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer-review by the leading specialists for the respective topic.

ISSN 2367–5365 (online) | ISSN 0342–7536 (print)
Volumes 1-25 are available through BHL. Volumes 26-36 are available through the SEL website.
Journal Impact Factor (JIF): 0.250Scopus CiteScore 2018: 0.31CiteScoreTracker 2019: 0.49 (updated monthly)
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