Pharmacis species. 5–8. P. cantabricus sp. n., Spain, Picos de Europa. 5. Male, holotype, alar expanse 33 mm (MfN). 6. Male, paratype, alar expanse 30 mm. (CAK). 7. Female, paratype, alar expanse 31 mm (CAK). 8. Female, paratype, alar expanse 35 mm (CFG). 9–10. P. aemilianus, Italy, Abbruzi, Pescocostanzo. 9. Male, alar expanse 34 mm (MfN). 10. Female, alar expanse 52 mm (MfN). 11. P. pyrenaicus pyrenaicus, male, France, Pyrenees, alar expanse 25 mm (CAK). 12. P. pyrenaicus alticola, male, Pyrenees, alar expanse, 27.5 mm (MfN).

  Part of: Kallies A, Farino T (2018) A new species of Pharmacis Hübner, 1820 from Spain with a brief review of the genera Pharmacis and Korscheltellus Börner, 1920 (Lepidoptera, Hepialidae). Nota Lepidopterologica 41(2): 225-249.