Zarcinia spp., male genitalia of Z. stshetkini sp. nov., holotype; 27. Lateral; 28. Phallus and anellus, ventral; 29. Segment VIII, caudal; 30. Ventral; 31. Dorsal; 32. Wing venation; 33–35. Male genitalia of Z. walsinghami (Caradja); 33. Tergal plate, dorsal; 34. Valva, lateral; 35. Genitalia of paralectotype, caudal (genitalia slide Friese 863).

  Part of: Mey W (2022) Taxonomic notes on Palearctic taxa of Galacticidae, a little-known family of Lepidoptera (Galacticoidea). Nota Lepidopterologica 45: 169-190.