Some stages and habitat of C. impalella. 24. L5 case of C. impalella before overwintering, Bélmegyer, 13.x.2020; 25. L4 case of C. impalella before overwintering, Bélmegyer 24.ix.2020; 26. Imago of C. impalella from Szabadkígyós, Kígyósi puszta, 12.v.2021; 27. Habitat of C. impalella in Szabadkígyós, Kígyósi puszta, 20.v.2021. Scale bar: 3 mm (24); 2 mm (25); 2.1 mm (26). Figs 24, 26: photo by A. Takács, Figs 25, 27: photo by G. Boldog.

  Part of: Takács A, Szabóky C, Boldog G, Jordán S, Bozsó M, Fülöp D, Tóth B (2022) Biology and DNA barcode analysis of Coleophora lessinica Baldizzone, 1980 and Coleophora impalella Toll, 1961 (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) with description of their larval cases. Nota Lepidopterologica 45: 191-205.