Editorial from the new co-editors-in-chief: Aiming to keep up the good work
expand article infoMaria Heikkilä, David Lees§
‡ Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki, Finland
§ Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
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It is an honour and a pleasure to have been chosen as the new editors-in-chief of Nota Lepidopterologica. We are very excited to become part of the team that strives to maintain the high standards of the journal, improve its visibility and make it more accessible to the readers.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the outgoing editor-in-chief, Jadranka Rota, and acknowledge the fantastic job she has done in bringing Nota to where the journal is today. We realise that we have very big shoes to fill, as it will take two people to replace her! To ensure the transition goes smoothly, she has shared with us the knowledge and experience she has gained over the years as editor-in-chief and will continue to counsel us in the beginning of our new assignment as she stays on the Nota editorial board as a subject editor.

By having two editors-in-chief instead of one, we will also be able to better fulfil our responsibilities towards authors, reviewers, readers and the scientific community as the number of submissions to Nota has increased over the years. Maintaining the quality and publication speed of Nota would not be possible without the support of the editorial team of Nota Lepidopterologica, the expertise of reviewers and the staff at Pensoft. In addition to Jadranka, we will be working closely with twelve other subject editors, Sven Erlacher, Thomas Fartmann, Zdeněk Faltýnek Fric, Axel Hausmann, Lauri Kaila, Bernard Landry, Carlos Lopez Vaamonde, Vazrick Nazari, Thomas Schmitt, Erik van Nieukerken, Roger Vila and Alberto Zilli. They in turn correspond with reviewers ensuring the quality of the scientific content of the journal. The help of our linguistic editors Stella Beavan, Bob Heckford and Malcolm Scoble is essential in making sure the language of the articles is flawless. For layout and editorial issues we will collaborate with Plamen Pankov and Boriana Ovcharova at Pensoft. In fact, our first task will be to explore with the staff at Pensoft the possibilities of making the online system more user-friendly for authors, subject editors and reviewers.

We thank the SEL council and members for trusting us with this position at the 2017 meeting in Croatia. We look forward to receiving new submissions and will do our best to continue Jadranka’s excellent work in overseeing that Nota is an outlet for high-quality peer-reviewed research across all fields of lepidopterology.