Zygaena speciosa oseyii ssp. n., habitats, bionomics. 22. Bolder scree habitat (foreground) near Gardaneh-ye Tondrokosh with view to type-locality (arrow) at Kuh-e Samamus around 20 km as the crow flies north-west. Note the clouds coming up from the Caspian Sea and reaching the northern slopes of the higher Alborz Mountain Chains. 23. Female moth nectaring on high-mountain composite Jurinella frigida (Boiss.) Wagenitz (Compositae) (Gardaneh-ye Tondrokosh, 14.VII.2010). 24. On Thymus sp. (Lamiaceae) (Gardaneh-ye Tondrokosh, 14.VII.2010). 25. Valeriana sisymbrifolia Kabath (Valerianaceae) was the only nectar plant noted at Kuh-e Khash-Chal, 3390–3700 m, 15.VII.2010. 26. Cushion zone at Gardaneh-ye Tondrokosh, habitat of Z. speciosa and a high-mountain population of Z. carniolica. 27. Foggy weather conditions during the flight period of Z. speciosa oseyii ssp. n. at its most eastern habitat at Kuh-e Khash-Chal, 3390–3700 m, 15.VII.2010. 28. Ovipositing female (arrow) on larval host-plant (Semenovia tragioides (Boiss.) Manden, Apiaceae) at Kuh-e Khash-Chal, 3390–3700 m, 15.VII.2010. 29. Cocoon with exuviae on the underside of limestone beside the flowering host-plant (S. tragioides), Gardaneh-ye Tondrokosh, 14.VII.2010).

  Part of: Hofmann A, Naderi A (2014) Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Zygaena Fabricius, 1775, in Iran (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae). Part X: On two newly discovered Mesembrynus taxa from the western Alborz. Nota Lepidopterologica 37(2): 167-181. https://doi.org/10.3897/nl.37.7888